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Bourbon Cherry Jelly
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What goes with bourbon?  Well cherries of course!  Nothing like a big dose of bourbon splashed into every batch of this sweet jelly, and we add pure tart cherry juice and a hint of orange juice that hides in the background to make this BCJ a sweet sensation.  Again this jelly is delectable on desserts or with a smooth cream cheese on a salted cracker.
Size: 250 ml
Coffee Jelly
What the heck is coffee jelly you ask?  Well it's absolutely amazing spread on a piece of marble rye toast and served with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee/latte/cappuccino/espresso.... really any caffeine will do!  If you love java, then you MUST try this sweet concoction!
Size: 250 ml
Red Wine Jelly
We know, we know, we had you at 'Wine'!  We make this robust flavoured jelly using an entire bottle in every batch and when we say 'made in small batches' we mean it.  Yes it's delicious with a spoon but it's also amazing with a sweet creamy cheese on a crostini.  This is our go-to jelly after a long day at the office!
Size: 250 ml